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Since Low T Las Vegas is able to do laboratory work (Blood Test) at our location for a reasonable cost we can do a simple blood test (Testosterone Level and PSA) to see what your natural testosterone levels are.

As males age (over 35 years old) your natural production of testosterone diminishes and your symptoms are weight gain, low sex drive, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, loss of muscle mass and mood change.

Low T Las Vegas is a “one-stop” low cost male performance clinic that provides lab services, compounded testosterone replacement therapy utilizing medical doctors only.

Because Low T Las Vegas offers low cost medical services, compounded medication and laboratory services for low testosterone, there are no hidden fees or the inconvenience of having patients have to come to our office once a week. Although if you are not comfortable with self injecting your medication we can do it for you at no cost.

Initially when you become a newly established patient and before you are placed on TRT you must get blood work testing you for your testosterone, cholesterol and prostate gland (PSA) once it is determined by the blood results what your testosterone level is the doctor will make a determination as to the testosterone replacement dose of medication. You can elect to receive your medication in injectable, creams or gel form.

After 3-6 months you may then be required to repeat your testosterone and PSA blood test to see where your testosterone levels are at. It usually works out to about 2x/year.

No, unfortunately Low T Las Vegas does not accept any form of health insurance; because our services for Laboratory Work (Blood Work), the doctors visit and compounded medication is so inexpensive it would cost you more by time you pay your deductible than it would paying Men’s Focus with cash, check or credit card.

Unfortunately, obtaining Tetosterone/anabolic steroids on the “black” market poses 4 problems 1.) You will not obtain the medication on the “Black Market” any cheaper than you would by going through a doctor who has formed an alliance with a compounding pharmacy 2.) You are not medically supervised by a physician with lab work to test your natural levels of testosterone and your prostate with a PSA test 3.) “Street Dealers” of testosterone/anabolic steroids import their drugs from clandestine labs in Mexico, China and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) so you have no idea as to what you are putting in your body from unregulated sources and 4.) Purchasing and selling in the illegal sales of anabolic steroids/testosterone is considered a Class B felony according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and carries heavy fines as well as Prison Time!!

Because Low T Las Vegas works with premiere compounding pharmacies who only compound and formulate the highest quality of Erectile Dysfunction, Anti-Aging (Sermorelin) and Testosterone medications we offer Testosterone replacement therapy medications in Injectable, Creams and Gels.

Initially a new patient who does not have current laboratory/blood work will pay $375 for 3 months of treatment which includes the doctors visit, laboratory work and medication and between $65-$165 for 3 months once established with Low T Las Vegas.

After an initial visit at Low T Las Vegas your prescription will last anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on the dose that the doctor prescribes to you.

Because testosterone is considered a controlled substance you will follow up with the doctor every 2.5-3 months for a refill, however you will not be required to get labs before each visit.
Depending upon what form (injectable, creams, and gels) and quantity you get your testosterone it can range from $45-$125

Chain pharmacies carry very expensive $125-$350+ for branded testosterone products that usually
Come in a single strength (200mg/ml) whereas compounding pharmacies actually manufacture and formulate custom medications based on your need.

Low T Las Vegas will not treat anyone who is under 30 years old for testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction or anti-aging, if you are suffering from Testosterone Replacement Therapy or ED and you are under 30 there may be some other underlying issue that needs to be addressed with a specialist (i.e. Urologist or Endocrinologist)

This has become a much requested supplemental medication and is addressed with the doctor at the time of your visit; there is some validity to the use of HCG along with TRT and is handled on a case-by-case basis at Low T Las Vegas.

Excellent, we will not repeat your lab work which will save you time and money, however this will not get you off the “hook” in order to get a refill for your medication after 4-6 months through Low T Las Vegas.

Low T Las Vegas offers Erectile Dysfunction Therapy, Anti-Aging with Sermorelin, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration.