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Testosterone is an androgen sex hormone, found in both male and females, but is recognized to be predominantly the male sex hormone. This hormone regulates many of the changes you see in males during puberty, such as hair growth, voice change, semen production, muscle mass increase, and more. Unfortunately, over time, your body is unable to keep up with hormone production at the same rate it did when you were a young man, leaving 1 in 4 men over the age of 30 with a condition called low-T, or low testosterone. The medical name for this condition is hypogonadism.

Low testosterone is extremely common and can occur for many reasons. It’s not a sign that you are less of a man, or a cause for embarrassment. It can, however, be an indicator of other conditions occurring in your body, which is why it’s important to speak to a doctor as soon as you begin noticing any of the symptoms of low testosterone.

A healthy adult male will see testosterone levels ranging anywhere from 300 to 1000 ng/dL. This number will fluctuate with age and life style choices, such as smoking drinking alcohol and using illicit drugs as well as some prescribed medications. After the age of 30, the average male will see a reduction of about 10-20% of their testosterone level per year. This is normal, and not something to panic about, however, if your testosterone levels fall to low it could affect several other areas of your life, particularly your physical appearance, and sexual libido.

You can get a diagnosis and treatment for low testosterone through a Testosterone Clinic in Las Vegas, like Low T Las Vegas. A man is diagnosed with low-T when his testosterone levels dip below 300 ng/dL as an otherwise healthy adult. Your physician may try to rule out other causes for this hormone disruption aside from age and lifestyle to be certain there aren’t any underlying health issues to be wary of, before recommending and prescribing a treatment. Low testosterone is treatable and can be managed in a safe and discreet way if you seek help through the right avenues.

Causes and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Aside from the obvious cause of age, low testosterone can occur for several reasons, such as, drug use, illnesses like diabetes, being overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and prescription medications. When your physician diagnoses you, he or she may perform other tests to determine if the root cause of your low-testosterone could be due to other underlying health issues. Your body’s hormone production can be affected by illness, and therefore should be taken seriously until you fully understand the cause.

Low testosterone presents itself through many signs and symptoms. You may notice yourself feeling chronically fatigued and needing more rest than usual. Another way you can recognize low-T is through your sex drive; men who have low-T generally have a low sex drive and may even suffer from erectile dysfunction. Weight gain and a reduction in lean muscle mass caused by low-T can affect self-esteem. Other signs of hypogonadism which are less physically obvious include a reduction in bone mass, mood swings and low semen production.

Some symptoms of low-testosterone are also symptoms of additional disorders, which is another reason doctors recommend being tested as soon as symptoms arise. Unfortunately, in the United States, low-testosterone is often unreported, and many men suffer in silence out of embarrassment or shyness to disclose the condition to medical practitioners.

Testosterone Therapy in Las Vegas

The main form of treatment for those with low testosterone in Nevada is found through testosterone replacement Las Vegas clinics such as Low T Las Vegas. These clinics specialize in diagnosing and treating men who suffer from hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction, as well as anti-aging services. Through these clinics men can benefit from compounded testosterone treatments.

Compounded testosterone treatments can be found in shots, which are typically injected once every 3-4 months, topical gels and creams, which are rubbed onto shoulders and upper arms while washing in the shower, capsules placed beneath the skin, or patches.

Most men using Las Vegas testosterone therapy will choose the topical gel, in fact, in the United States, 70% of patients use this form of treatment over others. The second most popular method, with only 17% usage in the U.S. is injections. The treatment you use will depend on your doctor’s recommendation, current prescriptions, and medical history and current laboratory results. Some forms of testosterone replacement therapy aren’t yet available in the United States.

Chain Pharmacy Treatments vs. Compounded Testosterone Treatments

When it comes to treatments for testosterone in Las Vegas, there are two different avenues to consider. These are your typical pharmacy treatments, or compounded testosterone treatments. Pharmacy treatments or brand name formulated testosterone replacement therapy in Las Vegas offers, using the same or similar base ingredients to treat every patient in the same way. These treatments vary in price, but can be costly (Somes in the range of $300-$700 for a 60g jar of Testosterone Cream or $150+ for a 10ml vial of injectable testosterone), and include unnecessary ingredients for specific symptoms and levels of the disorder.

Compounded testosterone treatments, on the other hand, are formulates specially trained compounding pharmacists who custom tailor Testosterone medications to a patient’s specific physiological needs. This makes the treatments fresher, and more cost effective than competitor Chain pharmacy testosterone products. Not only do patients save money (anywhere from 50-70% Cheaper than chain pharmacy testosterone products) because only ingredients needed for the formula are used, but you can also rest assured that your body isn’t taking in any unnecessary chemicals with your treatments.

For low-testosterone, both chain pharmacy and compound pharmacy are acceptable methods of treatment. For many patients, the choice is personal, and may be based on doctor recommendations. At Low T Las Vegas, we always suggest our clients consider the benefits of compound pharmaceuticals over chain pharmacy brands to get the most out of your treatment.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Over the years there’s been plenty of back and forth in the scientific community about hormone-based therapies and their affect on health. After years of research and the evolution of testosterone treatments, it’s been discovered that there are several advantages to using TRT offered in low-T clinics Las Vegas. Below you’ll find a list of these benefits as outlined by Low T Las Vegas.

Muscle Mass: One of the symptoms of low-T is a reduction in lean muscle mass. You may notice that as you age it becomes more difficult to maintain that 6-pack you had in college. Of course, physical activity and your overall fitness level has something to do with this outcome, but hormones also play a key role. Unfortunately, as you age, your body will begin to change, and the loss of testosterone will also lead to a loss of muscle. This means that when you use testosterone replacement therapy you have an opportunity to regain lean muscle mass and make all your hard work at the gym provide physical changes more quickly.

Weight Loss: Just like the change in your muscle mass, low-T can cause weigh gain and fatty deposits where there were none before. A prime example of this is seen in the belly area of many men over 50. There comes a time where it seems like everything you eat goes directly to your middle. Some of this is caused by lifestyle choices, but it can also be caused by your hormone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy makes it easier for you to lose or maintain weight.

Better Libido: One of the main complaints men with low-T voice is a loss of libido and sex drive. This can be crushing to your ego and take a toll on your physical and emotional relationship with your partner. When you undertake TRT, you open the door to better sex, and a renewal of self confidence when it comes to your endurance and overall performance in the bedroom.

More Energy: Along with an increase in your sexual libido, you may also notice a boost to your energy levels following testosterone therapy. A side effect of hypogonadism is fatigue, at home, at work, in the bedroom, and just in general. The hormone therapy helps reduce this symptom, supplying you with normal energy levels once again. Of course, proper sleeping and eating habits will also help in this department.

Sperm Count: If you and your partner have been trying for a baby, but aren’t seeing results, it could be due to a reduced number of active semen. Testosterone plays a huge roll in the production and functionality of your sperm, so by using testosterone replacement therapy, you could see an increase in production. TRT isn’t a miracle fertility treatment, but if you’re concerned with your sperm production, you should discuss this option with your physician.

Treatment for low testosterone has come a long way over the years, but there’s still plenty of room for future research and development. If you’re curious about low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction, anti-aging treatments, and other services provided by low-T clinics like Low T Las Vegas, speak to your doctor about the diagnosis process and treatment options today for a Free consultation call (702) 546-9555. Take your time researching whether you want to use chain pharmacy or compound pharmacy treatments, and take back control of your sex life today.